Added on 22-11-2023


Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine is an advanced fitness nutrition supplement meticulously crafted to support muscle recovery and optimize overall athletic performance. Harnessing the power of pure, pharmaceutical-grade glutamine, this cutting-edge formula is designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone seeking to enhance their recovery process.

Key Features:

Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade Glutamine: Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine is formulated with the highest quality glutamine, ensuring purity and potency. Glutamine is a crucial amino acid known for its role in muscle recovery and immune system support.

Muscle Repair and Growth: The primary function of glutamine is to aid in muscle repair and growth. It helps replenish glycogen stores, reduces muscle soreness, and supports the rebuilding of muscle tissue after intense workouts.

Immune System Support: Intense training can sometimes compromise the immune system. Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine includes immune-boosting properties, providing an extra layer of defense to keep you healthy and training consistently.

Gut Health Optimization: Glutamine is essential for maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes undergoing strenuous training, as it supports overall digestive health.

Versatile Use: Whether you're an endurance athlete, bodybuilder, or engage in high-intensity training, Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine is a versatile supplement suitable for various fitness disciplines.

Optimized Benefits:

Accelerated Recovery: Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine facilitates faster recovery between workouts, allowing you to train more frequently and consistently.

Reduced Muscle Soreness: Regular supplementation may contribute to decreased muscle soreness, enabling you to push harder during training sessions.

Enhanced Endurance: By supporting glycogen replenishment and energy production, glutamine can contribute to improved endurance, especially during prolonged or intense exercise.

How to Use:


Daily Maintenance: Take one serving (typically 5 grams) of Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine one to three times a day. Adjust the dosage based on individual needs and training intensity.


Post-Workout: Consume a serving immediately after your workout to kickstart the muscle recovery process and replenish glutamine stores depleted during exercise.

Before Bed: Taking a serving before bedtime can aid in overnight recovery, promoting muscle repair and growth during sleep.

Additional Tips:

Stacking: Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine can be effectively stacked with other supplements like protein shakes, BCAAs, or a comprehensive post-workout blend for synergistic benefits.

Consistency is Key: To experience the full benefits, consistency in supplementation is crucial. Incorporate Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine into your daily routine for sustained results.

Hydration: Ensure adequate water intake throughout the day, as hydration is crucial for optimal nutrient absorption and utilization.

Before incorporating any new supplement into your regimen, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns. Myo Strength Diamond Glutamine is designed to complement a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, contributing to your overall fitness and wellness journey.


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